Our Garden

The idea of the pollinator garden came from a simple conversation with Mrs. Elizabeth King of the St. Marys Garden Club.  A meeting was set up with her to discuss a garden PBL for the 6th grade science classes.  She quickly asked an important question..."what type of garden would you like to have?"  When we had no answer the conversation quickly turned to the importance of native plants and the possibilities of a pollinator garden.  The plan was quickly put into motion as we were able to receive a Coastal Wildscapes grant valued at $1000.  In August of 2017 students began building the garden.  By the end of the 2017-2018 school year the garden had been completed (for now).  Continuous improvement goes on daily with new plants and features being added by Agriculture students.  Please stop by and see our Certified Pollinator Garden!  A special THANK YOU goes out to The King Family, the St. Marys Garden Club, and Coastal Wildscapes for making the project successful!